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So you want to stand out from the crowd and convert web traffic into sales or leads? It won’t be possible with a basic website template or a design that is years old. The best thing you can do for your website is to refresh it with a modern and stylish look that will appeal to your target audience. Look at what your competitors do well, also look at what doesn’t work and then use it to your advantage.

When taking on web design or creation clients we like to carefully analyse the market and work with the client to devise the best plan on how to tackle the project. It is important to cover all aspects of the website down to the finest detail.

Mobile friendly websites

Currently mobile technology is always improving and the majority of people now have a smartphone or tablet which they use regularly to search for products and make purchases. Unfortunately, standard websites do not appear properly on smaller screens, nor do they function correctly. At iSpark Media we specialise in developing responsive websites with our mobile website design in Cornwall service. that adapt to whichever device or browser is being used to view the site. You can see that our website adapts to screen size, browser window size and device seamlessly and we can do that same for your website so that traffic will convert no matter how the content is being viewed.

No website yet…?

If you are in the very early stages of starting your online business then we are happy to discuss all of your ideas and advise you on the best way to spark your business to life. If you have little or no experience in online business then we can guide you through the process step by step giving you all the information you need in small chunks so that it is easy to digest and so that no mistakes are made.

Fortunately you will avoid a lot of unnecessary costs and pitfalls if you talk to our experts before you get started which will pay off dividends down the line when your business is flourishing. We prefer to discuss projects in person so anybody is welcome to come see our web design team in Cornwall.

I am the entrepreneur that started iSpark Media after spending several years developing online businesses of my own.

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