seopageSearch engine optimisation has played a major part in every website owners life for almost as long as the internet has existed. The concept of SEO has changed greatly from the long era of keyword hiding and stuffing to the current climate of content based link building and marketing.

Google currently dominates the search engine landscape with a whopping 80% of all web searches going through Google worldwide. So it is clearly worth looking at how Google implement their ranking factors in order to gain an edge, right? Well you do not have to waste time and resources trying to understand what factors will rank your site highly on the Google search pages, iSpark Media are way ahead of you on that one!

With the combined knowledge and experience of our team from years of experimentation and A/B testing, you can rest assured that you will get the best results with our SEO campaign management services.

Why should you do SEO?

It is a common question and it has been brought about by a lack of transparency among many SEO cowboys that have failed to provide results for their clients. Optimisation still needs to take place even if you have not yet found the right agency or any success with your in-house efforts.

google click distributionIt is important to understand that when a person is looking for a particular product or service, their first port of call is generally their smartphone, tablet or laptop with which they will perform a web search. Recent Google numbers show that 53% of clicks are on the top organic listing on page 1 of the results and the remaining clicks are generally filtered down through the top 5 until a small percentage is filtered further down the page and very rarely to page 2.

So you can see that good optimisation can lead to significant, targeted traffic to your website.

Why choose iSpark Media?

Of course you are likely to have encountered many SEO companies in the past, all with a similar approach. We like to think that our fresh, modern approach is both strategically sound and extremely effective – our clients are certainly happy with the work we do for them.

The difference is our honest and transparent ethos combined with a measured strategy. Rather than choosing a few keywords and a timeframe of achieving certain rankings, we thoroughly analyse your website from design and technical issues on the site to link metrics off-page. Not only do we assess your own web property but you can tell us your 3 main competitors and we will provide detailed analysis of their performance in comparison to yours. Then we can put together a strategy with clear objectives that are measurable and reported on periodically with progress updates.

Google friendly…

There are always methods of cheating your way to higher rankings in Google but implementation of such techniques will only see you drop off or be de-indexed within months when Google update their algorithm. This type of practice is a pointless waste of time and resources. All of our methods are based on constant research into Google, keeping up to date with their announcements, maintaining relationships with the industries top authority bloggers and more importantly Рmeasured testing on our own websites.